Saturday, May 27, 2006

Never shirk your tag

Pickleness tagged me for the deserted island meme and because I love getting picked, I am happily complying. BOOKS: This is cheating, most likely, but I am an author of books - so I would like, along with the books I'll mention below, to have a typewriter and reams of paper so that I can write some NEW books while I'm stuck in this tropical locale with no other responsibilities. The perfect writer's retreat. Books that I would bring include (but are not limited to): The Count of Monte Cristo (my all time fave); The Shining; The complete John Irving; the complete Shakespeare; and the complete Edgar Allan Poe. I'll be fashioning a regular library out there on the island. Lots of time to read, I suppose. MOVIES: The complete Lord of the Rings trilogy (I can never tire of those stories and I'm not otherwise much into fantasy); I need a few comedies so I'm thinking the Monty Python flicks, The Princess Bride, A Mighty Wind (and all the others like Best in Show, etc.), and at least one tear jerker which for me was Ever After. ALBUMS (by): Prince; Stanley Jordan; Bonnie Raitt; Kelly Clarkson (yep, I like her); and Bach's Goldberg Variations. Oh, and an Aida soundtrack. PEOPLE (besides family who are a given): George Clooney (handsome and funny and caring); a librarian (for that library I plan to set up only if it's a woman, she has to be frumpier than me so that George won't be distracted); President Bush - I would love for me and George to have him as a captive audience to give him a piece of our minds; and maybe Madonna as a yoga instructor/after dinner entertainer. Throw in a piano, some coconut telephones, and a bicycle powered generator and I'm pretty much set. Girlie will love it too.

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Stephanie A. said...

Yay- you did it!

I love Prince, too! This was a great meme- thanks for doing it.