Thursday, August 07, 2014

Feeding My Addiction

Read all you like for a fixed price per month.  I haven't tried all of the new platforms yet, but I am giving Kindle Unlimited a go.  So far, so good.  We picked Colin Cotterill's book, THE CORONER'S LUNCH, for our next book club read at StoryBucks (details here if you are curious) and voila!  THE CORONER'S LUNCH was available on Kindle Unlimited.  So now I've read the second one in the series too.  Also included in the Unlimited plan.

Color me happy.  I read like most people breathe and to have access to so many books for the price of one book every month, well, nirvana.  Obviously, I won't be finding everything I want to read in the Kindle Unlimited library but I can discover a lot of new authors and perhaps read up on some older novels that I missed along the way.

Meanwhile, my high school Girlie will be reading Aristotle.  Her schoolbooks arrived for the coming year (she attends Stanford University's online high school) and for her Sophomore year, she'll be reading from THE COMPLETE WORKS OF ARISTOTLE.  I don't know why, but it makes me laugh.  The sucker is 1,250 pages of tiny print.  She has no idea what's waiting for her when she gets back from her summer session at Stanford University.  Of course, she'll probably love it.  That's the difference between her and me.  I would only read Aristotle if there was a Scandinavian crime angle in it somewhere.