Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

For me it's really, Happy Almost Christmas. I don't care much about Halloween although I did dress up this year for a party. I went as Bitter, Disappointed Dorothy attending her Class of '37 Reunion. I had a grey wig braided like Dorothy's hair, the appropriate blue checked dress and some matronly shoes with support hose. Jim Beam and a stuffed rat instead of Toto in my basket. You had to be there, it was pretty funny. Girlie is going as a dragonfly tonight.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So I Guess I'm Blogging Again

I'm a sneak. I used to be over here but I quit blogging for awhile. When I started back up, I had to switch back to Blogger (where I gave birth to my blog a long while ago) because the quality of my little cartoons is so much better on this program. So here I am again, completely without fanfare and looking like I'll post two or three times a week. Or more. We'll see. Here's a recap: I'm an artist and an author of two novels. But my most important gig is mom to my 8 year old named (for blogging purposes), Girlie. If you remember her from before, the answer is yes, she still takes her stuffed snake, Sara, everywhere with her. She has added Gabriel, Sasha, Rainbows, Kelly, Zoe and many others to the mix but Sara is the boss snake. Of course that is subject to change if they release a Webkinz snake character. Virtual pets seem to rule around here lately. Her virtual dog gets as much or more attention than her real dog, Marty, at least measured in minutes spent. So anyway, glad to be back. We'll chat soon.

Global warming

Tuesday, October 23, 2007