Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Award Winning Artist...

So I won my first prize in an art show over the weekend. Best of Show/Second Place. I'd be a big fat liar if I said that I wasn't excited. Yay me! In other news: our house is on the market as of last week. That means I have to keep it clean. (Sound of laughter.) So far, so good. It has never looked prettier. But I can't wait until we move out of it and I don't have to be so obsessive about cleaning up after my nine-year-old. We've had three showings and some possible interest so I'm not as discouraged as I thought I'd be in the current housing market. Wish us luck.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


www.wendyboucher.com Here it is. I found the cord and uploaded my latest artwork completed this week. It's called Westminster (rather than Big Ben, right?)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm so sorry Mr. Bergdorf

I spent a Hen Weekend in New York City this past weekend. Okay, the bride is British so that's what it's called instead of a bachelorette weekend. We, the bridesmaids, took her to Tony and Tina's Wedding for a what-not-to-do list on Friday night and then lamely went back to the hotel and to bed by 11. Really. That's what happens when your bridesmaids are 45ish like me. On Saturday, the more cultured of the maids went to see a standing-room-only production of La Boheme. That left me and the bride alone for most of the day. Heh, heh. We spent most of that time at Bergdorf Goodman trying on impossibly expensive dresses by Etro and other designers. So fun. I had just devoured the latest In Style magazine and saw all the same dresses on display at the store. We dined on the 7th floor overlooking Central Park and each had a glass and a half of wine. That's it. Why we suddenly thought everything at Bergdorf was hilarious I'll never know but we laughed our way from the hair salon to the flu shore (what it will always be called now that the Bride mixed up "Shoe Floor"). Yes, you had to be there. Saturday night is a fog. Yay, not so old after all. On Sunday we went on the Sex and the City tour where the highlight was a cupcake from an amazing bakery in the West Village. And then home. Sigh. Already planning my return trip.
Join me and many other artists this Saturday at the Tampa Artist Emporium from 5 to 9 for a big art mixer (i.e., wine will be served) celebrating the new artists at the gallery AND the grand unveiling of the charity wall. This month's charity artists represent the MacDonald Training Center and you have to see it to believe it. The artists are fantastic and several pieces of theirs have already sold! I will be there and I'm bringing my latest piece for a preview. It's called "Westminster" and if I could find my camera/computer cord, I'd post a picture of it for you. But you'll just have to come on down to the gallery in person. It's in Hyde Park Village across from B.T.'s Restaurant (right on the main drag). See you there!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Best Day Ever

The best day ever was of course my birthday spent at the beach with Hubby and Girlie on Sunday. This picture is from last year because we never got around to shooting photos this time. The best "you had to be there" moment was when Girlie discovered that it only takes tossing one french fry into the air to attract about a thousand seagulls. This scared her a little but she still wanted to feed them. So she threw another fry in the air and then took off down the beach in a semi-panic while tossing french fry bits over her shoulder. There was a city block long flock of birds chasing after her and everybody was laughing so hard (and there were a lot of people because it's spring break and the beaches are packed). I haven't laughed so hard in ages. That was the best present. And in case you're curious, I'm 45. Exactly half way, if the palm reader at a party a few years ago knew her stuff.