Monday, May 29, 2006

More artwork. If you're here for the picture of me in my bathing suit, you'll have to scroll down

I'm trying to get my artwork photographed and as I experiment, you'll probably have to suffer through some of my trials. This piece is a companion piece to this one only it is much taller and was completed first. It's untitled. Like most of my contemporary pieces, it is a paper collage. This one is a very poor photo of one of my personal favorites. I'll need to remove the glass to get a good shot of it. It's a rendering of my favorite pooch with a map of my favorite country (England) in the background. I like the idea of pet portraits that aren't oil paintings with bows on their heads. I'm starting to accept commissions for those who want me to do a pet portrait for them. Email me if you're interested. I incorporate your favorite things into the picture, as I can.


zilla said...

Not that these aren't absolutely wonderful collages, but where is our Rainforest Cafe update? ::storms off in a huff


(Ooh, word verification: evvul. Who? You, or me?)

Nap Queen said...

Oh, I love the one of your dog!! How much does a custom piece go for, if you don't mind me asking?

Wendy Boucher said...

Hi Nap Queen-
thanks for visiting the Poop Deck. I don't mind your asking. I'm just starting this commission thing and I'm thinking of selling a 16" by 20" for $100 as an introductory price to the first couple of takers. After that they'll probably go for $200 or more, depending on demand. My regular art goes for even more than that. So we'll see. It's all custom fine art, you know.

Lesly said...

Hi Wendy ... thanks for the visit and now that I have seen this blog of yours I will put it on my Bogroll .... its very entertaining and interesting! and the art is good too!!!!

Lesly said...

OOOOOPs ....... what a spelling error ... of course i meant "blogroll". Sooooorry!