Saturday, May 20, 2006

Addison Rocks! And so do all my friends.

As promised, I am thanking those who suffered my self-promotion and bought my book. First up, Addison. Go check out Bubba Likes It. If you see Garfield swinging his tail next to a comment, you'll know it's from me. Addison bought my book and sent it to a friend. Addison, you are temporarily my best friend. But I'm fickle. The next person to confirm that they bought the book will be bumping you off the pedestal. Enjoy it for now! In the "planning to buy it but not yet confirmed category" are: The Liberal Banana (Hi Banana!); Antique Mommy (who may even buy TWO; one for a friend); Marshmallows For Breakfast (a great name for a blog); Does She or Doesn't She (Hi Karen); and Grandma's Treasures (Hi Susan). Several others promised to check it out. Thank you L at Random_Speak; Carol at The Median Sib; Carmen at Gone to Plaid; Something Baby Blue; Surrender Dorothy; and The Martin Times. Editor's note: Everybody send Lawnut good thoughts about her law review competition paper. Those are killer. And thank you, Lawnut, for adding yourself to the list of those planning to buy my book!


Harmonica Man said...

Addison, be careful of Wendy's declaration of bestfriendship. Just yesterday she told me I was her best friend!

Love, love, LOVE the Girlie toons!

There, that oughta get me back on top :-)

Wendy Boucher said...

Shoot, you're right. I'm as fickle as they come. Glad you like the Girlie toons. In fact, I'm so glad, YOU are uhm, among my best of friends.

LawNut said...

You can add me to the list of people who plan on buying your book this summer and reading it! I was planning on getting it and taking it w/me on vaca, but since I didn't finish my Law Review competition paper, and I have to take THAT on vaca instead, recreational reading is out for this trip. But the season is still young! So instead, I'm putting a link to your book on Amazon on my blog :-)

Writer Mom said...

I've got your book! I didn't realize I'd get bestfriendery out of the deal! Woo Hoo!