Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cue the Barry White - It's love bug season

A love bug's dying wish is to be getting it on with its mate. I know this to be true because twice a year, including right now, swarms of these flies emerge from the leaf litter all coupled up, if you know what I mean, and crowd the air over Florida highways. I wonder if the smell of exhaust, uhm, heightens the experience? Or maybe it's just that love is blind. They seem to hover over busy roadways and not, say, in my backyard. I drive a high profile vehicle. So do most of you mommies. It's called a van but today it is fly-paper on wheels. I'll have to wash it a dozen times in the next week if I don't want the fly juice to ruin my finish. (They get toxic to paint when they're all sexed up like that.) So I'm just curious, these little lovers from Latin America are spreading north. Have you seen them where you live? They look like a single fly with heads and wings at both ends. Don't even ask me how they get into that position.


Stephanie A. said...

To my knowledge, we don't have them here. My grandparents own a house in Florida and every year they make a big fuss about making sure that they are back in St. Louis by this time to avoid those bugs. One year they made the mistake of driving home during bug season and they were so grossed out by it!

Izzy said...

Is it true that they were genetically engineered. An experiment gone bad? I've heard that forever but never bothered to find out if it was true.

dineen said...

I wish they just stuck to the highways. They are all over our yard and when we tried to eat outside (why do we have the only house in the Tampa area without a screened lanai?) they got on our plates, in our serving dishes, and all over, really. Ick. When is love bug season over??!?!?!?