Saturday, May 06, 2006

Girlie Lays Down the Laws

Girlie decided that we needed to clarify the rules of the house. So she offered up these. 1. No more sweets than one each night if you are older than 30. [Nice try, Girlie.] 2. No boys wearing dresses. [I'll be laughing all day about that one. I wonder what Hubby's up to when I'm not home?] 3. If you are an age between 10 or 80, I have to make your meals. [Finally, a personal chef. Maybe she'll make me tuna poke.] 4. If you yell at the age of 30-80 you have to go to time-out for one hour. [What happened to a minute per year? I'm only 43!]


Renee said...

That's pretty funny. I know that DH wears dresses when they are playing together...but he won't let me take a picture of him doing it. Darn! LOL!

re: the Tampa connection. My grandparents, mother and my brothers all used to live in Tampa. My Mother went to Plant HS. Now, my oldest and youngest brothers still live in Tampa...everyone else has moved away. My mom is considering moving out of state because her homeowner's insurance rates are going up again.

Mama C-ta said...

LOL I wouldn't last 5 minutes. One sweet?!

PS thanks for stopping by!

- Mama C-ta/Urban Baby Runway

Wendy Boucher said...

HI THOSE OF YOU WHO ARRIVED VIA STICKS OF FIRE. This was a cute post but you really need to check out the thirteen reasons I'm going to hell and my thoughts about skin cancer. See May 10 and 11 respectively.