Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tomorrow is my birthday! So I...

stole my husband's iPod Shuffle. It's been sitting around unused on his desk since Christmas. The statute of limitations has run and I grabbed it before Girlie did. Like those seagulls said on "Finding Nemo," mine, mine, mine. Too bad I scraped so hard on the iTunes gift card that came with the iPod. I can't make out the code I'm supposed to enter to get my (his) $15.00 worth of downloads. Drats. I also found out what he's getting me for my birthday: a course of treatment with a recommended alternative physician (read accupuncturist) to see if I can lessen my allergies to Earth. I will be blogging all about the experience, I'm sure. And now that you know what my birthday present is going to be, surely you can see that my iPod theft was fully justified.


Brooke said...

Happy birthday!!

Skip said...

Everyone SOK ought to be up on the rooftops shouting Happy Birthday to you and having a good ole fashion block party. In all seriousness, may yours be a most happy and celebrated day. Lest we forget, 'tis a time to eat cake.