Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Matter of Perspective

Yesterday, I spent the morning unexpectedly babysitting a six-year-old friend of my daughter's while my Girlie was at school. I spent the afternoon waiting around the St. Joe's Women's Hospital radiology department for my appointment (routine stuff). When I got home, the floor installers were nearly finished but the fumes in my house made me gag. I opened the windows and doors only to find that I'd rather die a slow death from glue fumes than a quick anaphylactic death by live oak pollen. (It looks like yellow powdered sugar outside.) We ended up sleeping at the in-law's house last night, dog and all. I got nothing done. So this morning, my daughter came to wake me and Hubby and reminisced about yesterday. At school she'd had a party and only a half-day because of spring break. Then she'd got to play for a couple of hours with the aforementioned friend. Her grandparents (the in-laws) babysat her while I went to my appointment and although she was bummed out when I picked her up, her spirits soared when I informed her that we were being gassed out of our house and needed to camp back at Grandma's. She sighed this morning and said, "Wasn't yesterday just the best day ever?" Now I have to admit that for her sake, it was worth not getting anything done yesterday if it made her have her best day ever. It's not like I had to go to Disney World or something.

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