Monday, March 06, 2006

Love the Art

Yesterday was pretty much perfect. As we usually do, we attended the Gasparilla art festival downtown in Tampa. The art was top notch. We bought a really cool painting for our family room. Girlie liked the artist's work too and wanted one for her room. (Uhm, that would be a no). Pissed that we didn't choose the one that she liked, she declared our choice, "hideous." I hope the artist will recover from such a scathing review. We saw Kathy Castor and her daughter at the kid's craft area. I'm voting for her anyway, but it really pleases me to see politicians supporting the arts. Castor's cool. I know her personally and I can vouch for her. Then last night we supported the Tampa Theatre by attending an Oscar night event there. Boy was that fun. They even had a fake Joan Rivers out front commenting on the clothes. I love Tampa.

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