Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm not having an affair.

This post if for my Hubby. He doesn't like change. Once I moved the couch in our living room and he got nervous. My friend informed me that men just don't like change. Move a couch? You must be having an affair. So yesterday I dyed my hair. I was really just trying to cover up the brassiness from a past dye-job. I wanted it to look dark brown like my real hair color. It came out nearly black. In fact, it's got burgundy mixed in if you catch it in the right light. Rather than freak, I simply cut it a bit shorter so that the color is less noticeable. My hair is short -- it will all grow out very quickly. In the meantime I look sort of Goth and edgy. But to Hubby, dyed hair and a cut must mean something dreadful. He hasn't said "boo" about my hair change but he's twice tried to get me to pay attention to him this morning instead of work. Poor thing. I love you Hubby.

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LisaMurphy said...

A goth Wendy? Post a pic! And, pay attention to that amazing hubby of yours (look, hubby, these are my hands in the shape of a swan).