Friday, March 31, 2006

Here Lies Rebecca the Moth

You probably can't read it but it does say, "here lies Rebecca the moth." Apparently, Globulists don't believe in cremation. Rebecca the moth was only with us for less than 24 hours but she made a big enough impression on Girlie that she got a full-sized headstone. Much bigger than those of Sunset, Starfire, Aleeshia, Bob, Carly, and Ron the fish. Trapped today is Rebecca's replacement (mind you the ink wasn't even dry on Rebecca's headstone). Ron the itsy-bitsy spider (not to be confused with Dead Ron the fish) has the misfortune of residing in Girlie's plastic tub o' death today. She put in a couple of sticks so that he could weave a web but I'm thinking he'll lack the inspiration (let alone oxygen). There are a couple of air holes but they are necessarily tiny. I don't like bugs (thus my contract with Terminix). But I don't like squelching Girlie's scientifical (her word) exuberance even more. So I allow the bugs. The pet cemetery is my bigger concern. I'm going to need a bigger side yard. And if you read my blog, you know I'm a long time Stephen King fan. He wrote about pet cemeteries a long time ago and I haven't forgotten the outcome. One of these days we're going to have a night of the living dead around here and it's going to look like decayed flopping fish and a rag tag assortment of buzzing little bug zombies. Fodder for Scream 4, the movie, I guess.


Mom101 said...

Ha, I'm so glad you mentioned Pet Semetary (or I would have) - that was the first thought that sprung to mind. At leat a zombie moth can't do all that much harm, except maybe to your sweaters and your porch light.

Glad you're going to blog her! We can exchange mutual bits of admiration in person.

sweatpantsmom said...

You will like this (or maybe it will make you squirm)

I, too have an unreasonable fear of all things crawly. I say they should stay outside where they belong, not lurk in the corners of my room where they're liable to give me a heart attack.

Wendy Boucher said...

mom101-thanks for stopping in. I'm okay because I live in Florida and don't have many sweaters. Also, my porchlight is already broken. Take that you zombie moth!

sweatpantsmom -- where did you find Jerry! That was HILARIOUS!!