Thursday, March 02, 2006


I don't care that Girlie isn't a natural-born athlete. Sure, I blanched a little when she pronounced her hatred of all sports with balls but so long as she didn't care, I sure didn't. They do sports at her school and I've spied on her once or twice for my amusement. Once, they were playing kickball and not only did she refuse to kick a rolling ball (the teacher had to hold it in place for her), once she got on base she forgot about the game. The kid after her ran by her around the bases because she was staring at a butterfly or something. Out in the field, her team made her stand under the swing set out of the way and they still yelled encouragement just in case: "Girlie! If the ball comes to you, you have to run after it. Then pick it up and give it to so-and-so. Or just get out of the way. Yeah, just move." I laughed because Girlie is simply oblivious. I was the best kickballer at my grade school but Girlie will have to be the best at something else. Then, quite calmly, she announced this morning that yesterday during sports, she had scored not one but TWO goals. A boy she adores told her that their team won the game because of her and her teacher told her she was proud of her. Oh boy, they've created a monster. Girlie demonstrated her running prowess for me over and over again this morning. If they think that this new, two-goal Girlie is going to be content being stuck under the swings, they're in for a suprise. All I can say is you go Girlie! Be the best butterfly watcher or runner or whatever you want. Keep surprising yourself like you keep surprising us.

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