Monday, March 13, 2006

Bad Mix

Oak pollen season and spring break should not coincide. The only allergy medicines that work for me are the ones that leave me totally high. "Mommy, I'm bored. Can I use the electric carving knife?" asks my 7-year-old. "Sure thing, thweetie," I would reply if I hadn't already left her alone to go almost-naked bike riding with the protestors who were on Bayshore Boulevard yesterday (and not today, oops). So maybe that didn't really happen. Who knows? I was high on Benadryl all day. Tomorrow will be the same. I promised Girlie that we'd go see a movie. Somebody puh-leeeze steer me into that dog movie. Thanks.


Addison said...

Have you thought about trying a NAET treatment? It's permanent, non-invasive, and teaches your body to not have a negative response to an allergen. Dr. William Zuby (813-874-8006) does them locally. We had a friend who couldn't come to the house because of an allergy to cats, we took her down, paid $40, she avoided cats for 24 hrs and now she has no problem being around them at all.

Wendy Boucher said...

Thank you, Addison! I'll try anything to reduce the number of things I'm allergic to.

I'll let you know how it worked.