Thursday, March 30, 2006

At Play

Girlie is a funny little first grader. She can play dumb. Yesterday, Hubby asked her about the amount of wrapping paper that she'd used on my present. She replied, "Geez, what's a kid supposed to know about how much wrapping paper to use?" She can play know-it-all. On the way home from school today she told me that she was doing subtraction flashcards and that she thought that "0 - 1" would be a difficult one. I explained to her that she wouldn't be seeing a card like that and proceeded to give her a five-minute explanation about it. Or I would have if she hadn't cut me off and said, "yeah, negative numbers. I know Mom." So she knows about negative numbers but not how to wrap a present? She can make me believe that she's smarter than the President. In that same conversation, she explained that negative numbers are what you get when you spend more money than you have. I love my Girlie.

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