Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Deep Impact

Your son pulled on a tree root and we're all going to die. That was the logic in Girlie's argument/tattle-tale session at the park. She was playing with some boys that she likes in a sand pit when a tree root was uncovered. Boys being boyish, one of them was excavating and that tree root had to go. Girlie being Girlie, she wanted to give it a name and make it the mother in her snake family. Several heart-stopping screams later, she dashed across the playground to inform me and the boy's mommy that he was messing with a tree root; it might hurt the tree; we need trees for oxygen; we're all going to die. I can't help feeling a little pride for my lawyer in training. She put forward the strongest argument available to her and sold it. Watch out boys.


Ben said...

Sounds logical to me :)

Addison said...

Okay, so I have a friend who needs to be defended on a DUI case, do you think Girlie has somewhere in her schedule?