Wednesday, March 01, 2006

If I had a million dollars

That song is going through my head. Bare Naked Ladies, was it? So now I'm musing about what I would do with a million dollars. I'm sure my answer would be different on any given day but today, now, here's what I'd do with a million dollars. 1. Give chunks of money to various charities, of course. 2. Put money in my Girlie's college fund, of course. 3. Buy a Prius, of course. Wouldn't everybody? With a million smackers I could insist on a red one with all the extras and then get that converter I've heard about that makes you get 200 miles per gallon. Who cares if that nulls the warranty? I'll have a million dollars. After that, I'm not sure. We already travel a lot. I like my house. I might like to have another Italian Greyhound. I've dreamed of flying Business Class instead of coach. I must be pretty darn content. A million dollars just wouldn't be all that life changing for me. So, what would you do with a million dollars? Do they still make K cars?

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Addison said...

1. Buy Mom a house here so she didn't whine to me on the phone about how much she hates the weather in Dallas.

2. Niece's college fund...oh yeah.

3. New truck for Gary and a Chevy Dually for me.

4. Invest, Invest, Invest