Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Veterinarian

Girlie wants to be a veterinarian. Not a wussy veterinarian that treats doggies and kitties but a wild animal veterinarian (most likely so that EVERY day she can be at Busch Gardens). So she set up a veterinarian clinic on our back porch. (See picture one.) The tape is used for dismembered worms. The box and the plastic container are for capturing lizards and bugs. I'm not at all sure why she needs scissors. Her plan, and it's a fine one, is to catch bugs, take them to her clinic for an examination, draw their picture, and compare her drawing with a real photograph of the bug in some bug encyclopedia that she imagines we possess. If the bug as drawn by her doesn't match the photo, the bug needs her veterinary services. Very cute and nicely thought out.

Here's the problem. Take a look at picture number two. Girlie drew that last week. It's a picture of a baby owl. I've seen her bug drawings and with the exception of rather easy to draw oval shaped beetles, her representations of bugs aren't much more realistic than this owl. She's seven for cripes sake. But I guess now I know why she has scissors. Poor buggers. They must always have to go under the knife.


Addison said...

wow, sounds like she'll make a fine surgeon...get her signed up with the AMA now.

Wendy Boucher said...

Thanks, Addison. I admire someone who finds their calling at such a young age. When I was seven, I wanted to be a telephone operator.