Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Celebrating its 214th post -- Go Fire on the Poop Deck!

Huzzah. It's my 214th post and I'm in a celebratory mood. Here's a little roundup for you. Acupuncture: If everybody did it, we'd have no drug abuse and the WAR ON DRUGS would be over, over, over. It's that good. I now have a sense of smell (okay, good and bad) and I'm holding little vials during my treatment that are meant to lessen my reaction to the allergens that plague me. Best of all? It just makes you euphoric for the rest of the day. It also makes you grow armpit hair, dreadlocks, and a tail but those are a small price to pay. Art: Girlie invented Bug Art yesterday. She catches a bug, puts in on a piece of paper and traces its footsteps. The result is a picture of how a bug scrams when it thinks a piece of lead is going to get rammed up its ass. Girlie: She wants us to build an addition onto the house for her that would basically be her own apartment. She's quite keen to have her own keys. She wants her own kitchen and television too, however, she told me that I could come over and tell her when I thought that she'd watched enough television for the day. She didn't even laugh a little when I told her I thought that that she could never watch enough television. She's all over the sarcasm when it's her idea. If I'm sarcastic, she chafes. Sheesh. Hubby: He's visiting a personal trainer twice a week. I feel like I'm married to a rock star. I am even willing to sacrifice THE NEW CAR I SO DESPERATELY WANT if the gazillion dollars we're paying the trainer results in his good health and longevity. He's a keeper. Dog: Cutie, cutie, cutie pie. Come on, get your monkey. Get your monkey. Make that monkey squeak you dog. And that had better be a wrap. I should have stopped at monkey. I'll catch you up on my cats another day.


Lisa M said...

The bug comment made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the summary. The fact that my husband will even CONSIDER needles as therapy (given his needle phobia) is a testament to your testament. And go hubbie (yours) on the exercise.

Blog-o-licious said...

Who even knew that bugs had asses! It takes a child to educate the village!
I would like to be blog rolled, I enjoy many of the ones you have listed currently.
ps, sweet husband and I are coming to Florida for the first time. Orlando for work...any tips?

Sherri said...

I heard that accupuncture works wonders. I'd try it if I could get over my phobia of needles.

Mom101 said...

Acupuncture is the bomb. I am a devotee and proud evangelist.

Happy 214! What's the 214th anniversary? Mercury? Pashmina?