Saturday, April 08, 2006

Running and Screaming

We ran across one of Girlie's spelling assignments from earlier in the year. The best part of her spelling work is where she has to use the words in sentences. Without further ado, I present you with Girlie's Words (unedited). I once wrote a story about sponge Bob square pants. I love mommy her kisses are great. I don't have many house erasers at all. If I had a choice of ice cream with lactose, I would choose the other choise. I love the out doors. I'd love to get out of school so I can go to Bush Gardens. I'd love some food right now. Mommy and daddy are great! I love them so much. I'd love to get out of school rigt now then I could play with my toys. I love these parts of Florida. I love to jump up and down on a trampoleen. If it rains will the rain stop? [she wrote the answer upside down] yes. If I was stolen by a stranger would I run or screem or both? [upside down answer] both. So she can't spell but she's got the stranger danger thing down pat. I'm good with that. And there's something decidedly existential about her rain question. Good job, Girlie. I give you a smiley face.

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tampabookbuzz said...

Hilarious! I'd love some food right now too...and to go to Busch Gardens instead of school/work. Thanks for a good laugh.