Thursday, April 27, 2006

Snakes on a Plane

"Mommy? Can you bring staplers on a plane?" Good question. As you can tell, my Girlie has traveled quite a bit. She likes to pack and since we are leaving very early tomorrow for NYC, she packed her carryon today. Since I can't imagine for one second how a stapler could be used to hijack a plane, I told her to pack it. We all know how that will end now that I said "yes" but at least I'll have a blog post for Friday. After she left for school, I snooped in her bag to see what is essential for seven-year-olds in the big city. (Note to longtime readers -- I have NOT snooped in her diary. I will readdress that issue when she hits puberty.) Stuffed toys: First we have Sara the five-foot-long stuffed snake. (Yes, she is not just a figment of my cartooning.) Girlie demonstrated to me how tiny Sara could be squished. Fine with me. Squished beside Sara is Mitty the Traveling Kitty who only makes appearances on trips. She's been to England, Poland, Mexico, France, etc. She should have her own frequent flyer miles. Along these same lines is the purple stuffed dragon whose name escapes me. Office supplies: Girlie packed her plastic office supply holder complete with a bottle of glue, the aforementioned stapler, a bunch of pens, and some broken rubber bands. She also has some colorful origami paper. After much consideration, I've decided that Girlie plans to make her own cocktail umbrellas a la Martha Stewart. How handy. Journals: She's bringing her diary and a travel journal. We're only going for three days but she obviously expects to have a lot to write about. She pointed out that she's keeping the diary locked on the plane. Can't have all those strangers reading her secrets. And that's it. No electronics. No random parts from her Winnie the Pooh Candyland game. No half eaten candy. No bark from the back yard. Not one Polly Pocket. Sob. My Girlie is all grown up.


Domestic Chicky said...

I LOVE the picture of Miss Cuteness and her buddy...looks like they're sharing a joke.

Wendy Boucher said...

Thanks Ms. Chicky. And thank you for stopping by my blog. I'll check yours out too when it's not one o'clock in the morning and I'm high on allergy medication.