Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oh my God, I won! Well, probably. Maybe.

I am actually going to write this post and not draw a cartoon. After all, it's about writing. At the end of last year, I entered a short short story contest at Writer's Digest. I don't typically write short stories. This was probably the first one I'd written outside of some college fiction writing class a long time ago. Just imagine how good it was. All those years of pent-up short storytelling finally flowing from my pen. Oh the drama, oh the characterizations, oh the descriptive wizardry. All in 1,500 words or less. I was sure the moment I sent it off that I would win. Well, I checked on the Writer's Digest site and they say that the winners have been notified. HOLY SHIT! I'm an AUTHOR. I get TONS of crap mail from places like, well, Writer's Digest. I MUST HAVE THROWN AWAY THE NOTIFICATION!!! I just don't know where to begin turning my house upside down. Oh, and I'll need the name of some good computer forensic scientist to retrieve the email notification that I surely deleted without reading. Imagine my embarrassment. Of course, I won't be half so embarrassed as those Writer's Digest folks will be when they have the awards ceremony and the grand prize winner isn't even there. Shoot, it's almost worth passing up just for the great posting fodder. So if any of you know somebody over at Writer's Digest, just tell 'em I haven't received my notification yet and I wouldn't want them to feel bad. THANKS!


crazynewmama said...

Thanks for your comments at my blog. You are really funny, shoulda won anyway. Love your cartoons.

IzzyMom said...

I've been meaning to get back her and say hi. I read a bit of your book. It's so weird to read about places I know. Anyway, it was an enjoyable snippet! Really funny, too. If I ever find time to read another book that doesn't involve rhymes or farm animals, I'll pick it up and read the rest :)