Friday, April 07, 2006

Smelling is bad -- acupuncture treatment #2

My second acupuncture treatment was yesterday. Mmmm. Just as good as the first time. We still haven't even started with specific NAET treatments. I think that they were concerned about the fact that I can barely breathe and haven't been able to smell anything since 1992. I don't know how many pins were stuck in my back and shoulders (and arms and legs) but this time one of them was ouchy. They had to take it out. Otherwise, it was all good. I stayed there on my stomach under a heat lamp for twenty minutes and the sensation was simply exquisite. Then I felt great the whole rest of the day. The euphoria is like how you feel when you get a bit of really great news that you were waiting for. So there's the upside. Feels good both during and after. Here's the downside. My dog needs a bath, the fridge needs cleaning, and the cat box could use a little attention. I knew all that but now I can smell all that. Yay, I can smell. Dang, I can smell. Don't ask me how it works. I have no idea. But my sense of smell is returning and all day yesterday I could breathe through both nostrils. You know what gets better when you have a good sense of smell? Shut up, I was talking about taste. That's a good thing, in general, but Hubby won't get away with buying that cheap wine anymore now that I can taste it. Got any recommendations on a good Pinot?


liberalbanana said...

I repeat: that is so cool and I want one. Er, I want to go get poked. Errrr, you know what I mean.

I will totally get back to you on the pinot thing. My wine journal is at home but I just recently had a very smooth, lovely pinot that begs to be shared with others.

Have a nice weekend!

LawNut said...

I really need a good pinot recommendation as well....not that at this point ANY wine won't do, but a really good one is always better! ;-)

Addison said...

It works like a circuit. The energetic system of your body was blocked, by using the pins, they "reset the circuit" to allow the body to correct the energy flow itself. It's interesting stuff. When Nixon was in China, one of his staff had his appendix rupture. The Chinese physicians take him into surgery without anasthesia, only using acupuncture to stop the nerve impulses from flowing to that part of the body. Long story short, Nixon's personal physician saw it and was amazed. Nixon ordered a study of how it worked and the chief medical officer doing the investigation wrote "I would surmize that a medicine with a history of 1800 years that works and makes a society healthy probably has some validity."
um, DUH!

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