Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Serf Chic

Sometime in history, it must have been that only the wealthy land-owners had water piped into their houses. Others had wells and still others, the worst off, had to fetch water from the creek. Actually, this scenario is probably still true in many parts of the world. That's what gets me about bottled water. Now. Here. Where everybody's got drinkable water running out of their spigots. It seems (hurricane prep aside) that there are those who drink only bottled water that they have to fetch from that modern day creek called Publix. I suppose the wealthiest these days have bottled water delivered to them by men in big white trucks but I know that there are lots of people who stock up on the bottled stuff when they grocery shop. So, these days, it's all reversed. If you're poor (or just hopelessly out of touch), you drink water piped into your sink. If you're on your way up, you buy cases at the creek, I mean grocery store. And if you really care pamper yourself, you have it delivered right to your door. I guess that's the well in my scenario. What does it all mean? Nothing. But now that it's common for everybody to have a car, watch out for the return of horse carriages and buggy whips.

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