Saturday, February 04, 2006

And now she's on Dancing With the Stars!

About thirty years ago, I listened to my Barry Manilow Live album every day when I got home from Hoover Elementary School where I was in the same class as Lisa Rinna. So imagine my pleasure watching Dancing With the Stars tonight (the results show). There he was. There she was. And in the studio audience? Harry the L.A. Law guy (now Lisa's hubby). I wonder if my Mom was watching too. Mom and Dad still live in the same vicinity as Lisa's parents and in fact they are friends. Now I'll have to confess that the show is pretty awful but it's compelling in a sort of train wreck sorta way. The dancing is great. It's all the rest of it, like the announcers, that aren't working for me. Lisa? You better win big. Do it for the Hurricanes! Yes, the Hoover Hurricanes. Location? Oregon.

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