Tuesday, February 07, 2006

But I've got more cows. Harvest Moon update.

We have a Harvest Moon epidemic at my house. Hubby, Girlie, and I all have our own games going and it's only because Hubby is a night owl that we don't fight over the Playstation 2. I've never had this kind of game addiction. Not even when Zelda came out. Now it's all about one-upsmanship. "I have seven fruit trees." "I caught a Huge Sharshark." "I dug up three skulls." (There's an archeological dig.) "I have three hens." And on and on. Girlie doesn't participate in the bragging because when she plays, she just pets the doggie and makes her character run around in circles. Sometimes she picks a mushroom. We told her that when you run a farm, you have to work to feed yourself and your animals. We were going to let "nature" take its course but then she got so freaked out over possibly losing her cow, Alice, we had to intervene. So her game is really a challenge. She blows off a few days playing in the forest and I come in and scrounge up food for her cow. And I enjoy it. Shoot me now.

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