Friday, January 27, 2006

St. Pete Times asked my opinion

Check out this link. The article was in City Times today.


Tyler said...

I just read the City Times "roundtable". Your first comment completely summed up everything my partner and I were discussing as we drove away from our home* on Saturday morning. Is this really what we want people know see as Tampa?

I'm not sure I could have been there and listened to Dick Greco's comments without either getting extremely angry or falling off my chair in fits of laughter. "Handful of people who drink in the parade" was my favorite.

Regardless, it was refreshing to read a sane point of view when it comes to Gasparilla. Keep speaking out!

* We live in Hyde Park, about 2 blocks up Rome Avenue from Bayshore... we don't go to Gasparilla, Gasparilla comes to us!

Wendy Boucher said...

Thank you, Tyler. I appreciate you stopping by my blog. I'm sure I was invited to participate precisely because I don't mind speaking out and I don't get intimidated. Amused? Yes.