Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mean Girls (stage one)

Here's where it starts, folks. First grade. To celebrate her 7th birthday, Girlie decided to have her shoulder length bob shorn in favor of an earlobe length bob with bangs. Very grown up. She loves it. I love it (of course I would love her head bald - it makes no difference to me) and best of all, no more tangles. No fewer than five long-haired girls at her school told her that they liked her better with long hair. Poor Girlie -- I had to explain that they still like her, they just liked the looks of her long hair better than her short hair. And that's bad enough. "It's not like I'm not the same person," she excaimed when I picked her up from school. Lucky for both of us, she is still awash with self-esteem. "I looked in the mirror and I saw that I look really cute!" In other words, shut up you long-haired meanies.

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