Friday, January 13, 2006

One day late (thanks, Air France) I'm back

I may be too jet lagged to be even remotely funny right now but I couldn't resist checking in. First, for Chase Squires, I must report that the only interesting thing we saw on television was the German version of The Simpsons. Homer was getting an eye exam and as he read the chart, Bart was changing the letters to say, "I8PP." How would the Germans even begin to get that joke? All the French stations seem to play American television shows like Law and Order dubbed in French. For Tommy at Sticks of Fire, the only Florida reference I saw was a beach in Nice called Plage Floridian (the Florida Beach). They wish. All the beaches in Nice have beautiful views but no sand. They are covered with huge rocks the size of my fist and larger. For Rick Gershman at Please Name My Blog, eight days in France and I still don't have any idea what you should name your blog. Sorry. For Lisa at Tampa Book Buzz, I read Truth & Beauty by Ann Patchett and loved it. For Blog-O-Licious, the South of France is beautiful but not quite so beautiful as the Pacific Northwest. For anybody else who occasionally stops by, I'll have more details and photos in the coming days. But look at that, there are FIVE, count them, FIVE people who I know stop by my weblog address occasionally. Ah, it's good to be home.

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tampabookbuzz said...

Welcome back! Sorry to hear about all your traveling mishaps. Glad you had an enjoyable book with you, though.