Monday, January 23, 2006

Asbestos -- wasn't even on my radar

The "water mitigation" guys are ripping up my wood floors. The only comment I have heard is that it's worse than we thought. Guess what they found? Under the wood in the hallway, there are two layers of vinyl (or something) that has been there since the jurassic period. Naturally they'll have to have it tested for ASBESTOS before they can just rip it up. If you have read my posts lately, you'll know for a fact that of course it will test positive and well, they'll just be going ahead and knocking the whole house down before you know it. Then they'll discover that it was built on an ancient Indian burial site and we'll have to move. And we'll get in a rear-ender on the way and it won't be in my van which is the only thing I own that I actually would like to get rid of. But I digress. My good humor remains intact because I'm hardwired that way. My Hubby? Only time will tell.

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