Saturday, January 14, 2006

And the fish died too.

Think of every travel complication you can and you'll just scrape the surface of my trip to France. I'll boil it down for you. Lost luggage: one (mine of course) days lost: 3 new coats purchased because of lost luggage: 1 (for Girlie b/c hers was in my luggage) number of extra coats needed by Floridians: 0 flights missed: 1 (not our fault) extra night at crappy hotel near Paris airport because of missed flight: 1 rental car dings: not sure how many can actually be pinned on us car sickness episodes: 1 (Girlie) rental cars that takes diesel: 1 number of gas stations in all of France that actually still sell diesel: 1 number of suitcases that fit in a French car: 1 number of times stuck in a private parking garage that we got into by accident: 1 Number of pets that died while we were gone: 1 (Aleeshia the fish) I could go on but why? In spite of everything, we had a blast (except for that car sick part -- yuck). I'll get some photos up on Flickr tomorrow. And if anybody knows where I can get some good French Bread here in Tampa, I'm all ears.

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