Monday, October 31, 2005

Eat my dust, L. Ron

Re: writing and publishing If what I overheard is true, my book outsold Dianetics at the St. Pete Times Festival of Reading. Their booth was in the same tent as mine (along with Healed by Jesus and another company with religious books). Of course that's not saying much. I wasn't the only vendor who was disappointed by the lack of foot traffic. I can't speak to the event as a whole because I was stuck peddling my novel at my Hoyden Press booth but it looked like there was a pretty good turnout. The book signing lines for Carl Hiaasen and R.L. Stine were tremendous. But the crowds were not funneled in any way throught the vendor tents. Considering how much money we had to contribute to be there, they'll need to fix that for next year. Of course next year I will be among the featured authors!

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