Monday, October 24, 2005


My little girlie recently visited MOSI's exhibit called "Bodies." For those of you who don't live in Tampa, MOSI is a hands-on science museum and the Bodies exhibit is just what it sounds like; an exhibit of people's bodies and parts thereof, including demonstrations about how various internal operations work. Real bodies, scientifically preserved. Girlie loved the exhibit BUT there were a few preserved fetuses on display and one of the fetuses had a cleft palate. The fetuses didn't bother her. Just that hole where the undeveloped baby's mouth should be. Yesterday, we received a request for a charitable donation to a foundation that helps babies born with cleft palates receive corrective surgery. Girlie jumped right on it and decided to donate six dollars (a whopping sum for a six year old). I told her I was proud and she was happy but then she explained: "Those babies freak me out. I donated the money so that they can fix all those babies' mouths." So she made a nice donation for totally selfish reasons. I'm always being reminded that she's six.

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