Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Book Blogs

Re: writing and publishing Anybody who knows me knows about Tampa Book Buzz. Now I'm starting to find some other great book blogs such as Myki After Dark. I'm always on the lookout for great book related blogs so feel free to make suggestions!


tampabookbuzz said...

Thanks for the mention. I've been a little slow in posting lately due to time constraints, but am working on getting back to a regular schedule.

Two book blogs I enjoy are The Millions (www.realisticrecords.net/themillions/index.html) and Grumpy Old Bookman (http://grumpyoldbookman.blogspot.com).

I see you got your picture posted -- good for you!

Kym said...

I want to buy your book, please direct me to where I can get it. Lisa recommended it to me.


Wendy Boucher said...

You can purchase my book at South Tampa Borders, South Tampa Barnes & Noble, Inkwood Books, Amazon.com or www.HoydenPress.com.

Enjoy. I tried to email you at your site but it didn't work.