Monday, September 26, 2005

Re Author and Publi

Re:  Author and Publisher Stuff

On Friday night I was the privileged guest of a most awesome book club in Pinellas County.  I’ve visited a few book clubs now and it’s always fun – if you have a book club, feel free to read my book and invite me to chat.  I love it.  This group was especially dynamic and they even gave me a present.  Boy do I feel like a big shot.  It made up for my frustrations earlier in the day.

Note change from Author hat to Publisher hat.

On the same day that I filled an order for a bunch of books to one of my book distributor’s warehouses, that same warehouse inexplicably returned five books.  My book is made from great quality paper stock but even the best doesn’t endure multiple mailings all that well.  And as much as I enjoy paying a fortune to ship my books from state to state, I don’t wish to do it over and over for no apparent reason.  This morning I spoke with my buyer (a super nice woman that actually returns phone calls) and she had no idea why the return happened.  She shows demand for books from that warehouse.  Anyway, she said she would place a magic spell on the computer so that the warehouses can’t return any of my books prior to January 1st.  Another battle won in the war on publishing.

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