Thursday, September 29, 2005

London Calling

Re: Travel What a week. One minute I'm in a four vehicle smash-up and the next, well I'm off to London for a long weekend. Quite unexpected really. My friend H., a Brit, is off to celebrate her Mum's birthday in London and at the last minute, I'm going too. Me. Just me. A third of my next novel revolves around London so a little refresher was in order anyway. I got to live in London for six months several years ago and I've been back with my hubby and child for a two week visit but I've never been to London with just the girls. Can't wait. Very supportive of my husband after his car got smunched. Oh, and I have an assignment. Sticks of Fire's new guest reporter (moi) has been asked to watch for Tampa links whilst abroad. Aye, aye. Cheerio, Tampa.

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