Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A New Review of Parvenue

Re: Author stuff Gabi Lorino, a fabulous judge of great literature and a fellow local author, just sent me this review. How great! Read the review and go check out her site. Book Review for Parvenue Throws a Party by Wendy Boucher The angst and awkwardness we know as preteens can follow us well into adulthood, as Wendy Boucher’s heroine, Janice Darcy, shows in “Parvenue Throws a Party.”Janice knows what it’s like to be on the outside, looking in. She’s never really belonged to the glittering circles that she’s admired, although she has hung out on the fringes enough to learn their rules and ways. Armed with this information, she becomes a “consultant” to newcomers in the SOK (South of Kennedy) wonderland. When her attempts to mix with these SOK types lead to more and more embarrassing party debacles, she has to reassess her priorities and decide what’s really important! Told in an easy and fun style, we get to see Janice reevaluate her life and choose substance over glitter. -Gabi Lorino, author of “The Independent Woman’s Guide to Life”

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