Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thing One and Thing Two

Such cute little babies. Bella on the left, Marty on the right. Wouldn't they be cuter without the giant "don't bark or I'll zap you collars?" Before you call in PETA, I'll tell you that they are made for little bitty doggies and I have them set at the lowest setting. I had to do it because the crankiest old bat in the universe lives nearby and has left all kinds of nasty messages on our machine about our dogs barking. The funny thing is, half the time she's complained, our dogs weren't even at home - they were being boarded while we were on vacation. I think it has taken her a long time to cotton on to the fact that there are about twelve dogs in the immediate neighborhood and many of them have barking habits and - here's the really funny part - her own little precious canine has been known to bark up a storm. But I want to be sure that my dogs are not contributing to the problem and thus the collars which work pretty well so long as the collar is fitted exactly right. Sometimes I think Marty just keeps on barking anyway: "Bark" "zap" "urch", "Bark" "zap" "urch" and so on. He's a little toughie. So what's this got to do with art or anything? Not much but I may turn that photo into an piece of art someday to commemorate Thing One and Thing Two.