Thursday, March 20, 2008

Funny how it is

I used to be funny on my blog. Here's proof. Lately I've been art-centric and admittedly quite boring. I blame the fact that in the next two months I am: traveling to New York, traveling to California, having a garage sale, moving to Miami, bridesmaiding in a category 5 wedding (it's a society wedding that will be covered in a magazine), losing 10 pounds (see last list item), and there is still a little girl around here somewhere who likes me to feed her occasionally. So I'm busy in unusual ways and it's sapping my ability to blog correctly. But I will persevere! My art creativity (luckily) is not suffering. I'll just channel a smidge to the blog in the near future. Why the sudden perk-up? Somebody commented on my Market post and it reminded me that blogs are in fact public and somebody might actually look at it. So already you see improvement. See the linkies? Have a great day.

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