Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Three Comments That Prove That Girlie is not Actually Eight

"I jumped on Daddy and he looked up in astonishment." (why say "surprise" when you can say "astonishment"?) "By the time we get home, by my estimation, I will have a message waiting for me on Webkinz." (who says, "by my estimation"?) And finally, I took her to see a performance of Faure's Requiem (Daddy sings in the chorale). On the way, we explained what a requiem is and that many requiems are performed just for the beauty of the music (i.e., we weren't attending a funeral). At the concert she read the notes about the composer and during the piece, she read the translation to English. Then, she burst into tears in the middle of the performance. I thought a bug had bitten her or something but she was just moved to tears by the words in the requiem. "It's sooooooo sad!" I love my micro-adult eight year old Girlie.

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Mrs. T said...

She sounds so cool!
My Claire likes the word "apparently", which cracks me up.