Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For the love of God, where is the Webkinz Snake?

Those of you with girls in grade school will understand the allure of Webkinz. My Girlie's Christmas list is miles long with Webkinz items. She even put little trademark symbols by them. No cheap imitations for my Girlie. The problem is, my Girlie loves snakes. We just got back from a trip to Oregon where she acquired not one but two more toy snakes of the stuffed variety. At night she goes to sleep with five stuffed snakes and a stuffed horse named Clementine. Can I just tell you, the horse was mine as a little girl. I found it in a bag of ancient stuffed animals that I've forced my parents to store in their attic for a hundred years. On this trip to Oregon for Thanksgiving, I cleaned out several boxes of old stuff. I found a bag of notes I'd passes with a girl code-named "Terrific". I have no idea who it was! I also found all the programs from plays I was in and the Varsity letters from sports in which I participated. So well-rounded. As you might expect, I was also a writer. I have several copies of my high school newspaper in which I wrote a column called, "Same to you..." I guess I haven't changed much. Reluctantly, I allowed the disposal of maybe 30 stuffed animals that are too old, dusty and probably lead-ridden to donate to charity. Sigh. It's so hard to get rid of animals that you have imbibed with human characteristics as a child. I let Girlie claim Clementine and she carried her home in her arms on the plane. It's very sweet but I'm not kidding myself. She'd trade Clementine in a Webkinz minute for a snake with a code and an exclusive item on the Webkinz site. But I'm guilty too. I found an old illustrated Stephen King book in a box that I have found sells for at least $200 on ebay. Ciao, Stephen King book. It won't be the first I've sold on ebay either. I got $600 for one a few months ago. I was a big fan in the 80's and I worked at a bookstore. Yeah me. So, as I started out in this post, when will they make a Webkinz snake? Girlie has needs.


Anonymous said...

I was looking for info on our fellow alumni and I happened upon your webpage. Very cool! I'll have to read some of your books.

I went to law school with you. My last name was "Gupta". I wasn't great at the class attendance stuff, so you might not remember me...
Veena Lothe

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I finally get back into blogging again (I used to have the blog Novelist in Training), only to see that you are apparently gone! Or are you just taking a break for the holidays?