Monday, December 19, 2005

Blowing Up Christmas Cheer

I don't know where the tradition began to decorate your house for Christmas. My guess is that people made decorations and hung them on the door to welcome their neighbors who might be stopping by for a glass of egg nog at any moment. And now? The trend is to put out giant inflatables that have to be staked and weighted and tied to the house so they stand up. In a pinch, you can use that sign telling your neighbors which security company is guarding your house as an additional ground stake. That way, your neighbors need only do a drive-by to see your Christmas cheer. Before you go throwing that bah humbug back in my face, let me say that I adore the holiday season, I put lights up on my house, my daughter believes in Santa, and I've got carpel tunnel syndrome from whipping out my credit cards. I'm as commercial as the next gal. But these giant things make houses look like department store displays. The personal touch is gone and I'm just a little bummed about it.


Chase Squires said...

Two words: BB Gun.


Wendy Boucher said...

I asked Santa for one but he said I'd shoot my eye out.

Bitch | Lab said...

Awwww. But, they have their charms when you first move here from the wintery north. Especially where I lived, on top of a mountain where the winds never would have allowed us to have such a thing, never mind the inches and inches of snow!

Love the snarky Christmas cheer posts lately, though! :)