Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Only for the hardy

International travel can be grueling at times. To make sure that you are up for it, you have to pass the "get your child a passport" test. It doesn't matter that your child is in fact renewing an old passport, you still have to show up at the passport office with: both parents or one parent and an oath sworn in blood in front of some stranger with a stamp from the government; the child's old passport; the child; proof of parenthood (some umbilical cord will do); identification of your own; and a completed application. Oh, and don't forget the money. Lots of it. Especially if you are traveling any time in the following two years and therefore need expedited service. The last thing that you need is time (and the ability to hang on for dear life to the number you ripped off the dispenser because without it you're toast). However long they tell you the wait might be, triple it. We're talking hours here, dear. Just try to find a time when both parents can be off work, the child can be out of school or not in one of too many scheduled activities, and you are flush at the bank. Good luck, I bid you. Today, my family triumphed and in January we are going to France. We just have to count on the post office making delivery as promised. Right at Christmas. Good Lord, we're doomed.


tommy said...

Hey... how timely. I have to run such an errand shortly. For travel in March. Does the passport place have a website? Should I show up at noon? Really need both parents? (no steps?)

Your post has made me quite nervous.

Wendy Boucher said...

Check out this website: I'm only slightly exaggerating the hassle. I don't know about steps vs. biologicals. I guess it depends on guardianship, etc. Maybe the website will answer that for you -- aren't most gov't websites useful?